The Manila Hotel: Heritage, History, Art

By Donna Manio and photos by Leilani Calvo, published on Asian Traveler

Our friends from Asian Traveler Magazine wrote an article about us in their latest issue citing reasons why The Manila Hotel endures a symbol of Filipino grace and warm hospitality.

The Manila Hotel is unrivaled in the category of heritage hospitality institutions in the Philippines. Because of the anecdotes reported about the hotel and the genuine Filipino, five-star hospitality it has championed since it opened in 1912, it has acquired the moniker “true heart of the Philippines.”

“We preserved the original aesthetic of the hotel while adapting to the times and keeping things current. it’s because we value our heritage and we’re proud to say that we’re 100% Filipino,” Marvin Kim Tan, Manila Hotel’s Director of Sales and Marketing enthuses.

Rooms with Old-World Charm

Our elegantly designed rooms thoughtfully reflect the Manila Hotel’s old-world charm. Each suite is stylish and cozy, with decor that features traditional Filipino style accented with capiz and dark wood.

Gastronomy at its finest

Executive Chef Konrad Walter and his colleagues provide various gastronomic pleasures at the Manila Hotel. “We always consider how healthy the food is because we always consider what is best for our guests,” Chef Walter explains.

Cafe Ilang-ilang is the ultimate buffet for any time of day. It serves foods from China, the Philippines, Italy, Japan, Korea, Halal, and the Mediterranean.

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