The Manila Hotel decks the halls with boughs of Golden Ilang-Ilang Blooms

In a harmonious blend of time-honored traditions and the renowned warmth of Filipino hospitality, The Manila Hotel proudly presents this year’s holiday theme, Paskong Sariling Atin. The festive celebration promises to transport guests to a realm of beauty and wonder, enveloped in the radiant glow of the golden Ilang-Ilang blooms, the official flower of the Grand Dame.

At the heart of the celebration stands the magnificent 20-foot Christmas tree nestled between the iconic Doric columns, an awe-inspiring spectacle embellished with ornaments in a blend of gold, natural hues, and vibrant red, and the signature golden Ilang-Ilang flower garlands which also adorns the chandeliers throughout The Manila Hotel’s lobby.

Rachy Cuna, the Creative and Social Director of The Manila Hotel, reaffirms his dedication to presenting beauty to guests each year. Emphasizing the significance of the Ilang-Ilang décor, he remarks, “We showcase ilang-ilang, a flower native to the Philippines and stands as the official flower of the hotel. Every detail, from our trees to the entrance and chandeliers, is meticulously focused on the hotel’s symbol. With our theme Paskong Sariling Atin, we embrace a Christmas celebration steeped in Filipino charm and elegance”.

As night falls, the hotel’s façade becomes a canvas of enchantment, illuminated by white lights and lanterns, creating an unforgettable experience for all who revel in The Manila Hotel’s festive atmosphere.