The Manila Bulletin’s Hatch 6th Edition

The Manila Bulletin’s iconic HATCH exhibit returns for its 6th edition on March 8, 2024, set to crack open fresh creativity at the iconic spaces of The Manila Hotel. Notably, this year’s exhibit features the participation of the inimitable National Artist, Kidlat Tahimik.

“It’s a challenge I’ve never done before, mang-itlog (lay an egg), pero why not (But why not)? This octogenarian would like to remain innovative, even in his twilight years. So roll out your MB egg up to Baguio – and let’s see how my fantasy fertilizes this egg,” Kidlat shared via email correspondence, when invited to join this year’s HATCH.

HATCH challenges Filipino artists to unleash their talent on an unexpected canvas – a fiberglass egg. Past editions have seen these eggs transformed into whimsical, exotic, and even profound art pieces. Artists use everyday materials infused into the egg, turning them into masterpieces.

More than just an exhibit, HATCH is a platform for established and emerging artists to experiment, pushing their artistic boundaries. Expect diverse styles, innovative installations, and thought-provoking pieces that spark conversation and appreciation for Filipino art.

Beyond the gallery walls, HATCH fosters a vibrant community, connecting artists, art fans, and the public, offering a unique perspective on Filipino creativity.

Notable past HATCH artists include Addie Cukingnan, Agi Pagkatipuna, Al Perez, Aner Sebastian, Carlito Ortega, Carlo Magno, Cindel Tiausas, Carlos Cee Cadid, Demet dela Cruz, Migi Sebastian, Egai Fernandez, Emmanuel Nim, Jinggoy Salcedo, Margie Organo, Maria Magdamit, Migs Villanueva, Monnar Baldemor, Reen Barrera, Remy Boquiren, Roger “Rishab” Tibon.

With the upcoming 6th edition of HATCH, anticipate a fresh batch of artistic interpretations and an unforgettable celebration of Filipino artistry.

Fresh batch of eggs

For HATCH 2024, a new generation of “egg-cited” artists has devoted their time, talent, and skills to showcase the creative genius of the Filipino mind.

Look out for veteran artists such as Julie Lluch, Marlon Magbanua, and Dennis Montera, alongside emerging game-changers like Sean Go, Elaine Clemente, Andre Chan, Valerie Teng, Joel Reglos, Bea Policarpio, Marcel Antonio, Glenn Martinez, Maxine Syjuco, and more.

Katrina Cuenca, who made waves in the contemporary art scene last year and crafted the Manila Bulletin Uplift 2023 trophy, has also contributed her artistry to HATCH 2024.

Manila Bulletin’s Hatch 6th Edition will be on display from March 8 to April 7, 2024 at the Grand Lobby of The Manila Hotel.