SustainArt Brings Together Creativity and Environmental Consciousness

The Manila Hotel is hosting an art exhibit that celebrates the beauty of the environment while promoting sustainability. The exhibit, known as SustainArt, is scheduled to take place at the hotel’s Art Gallery from February 14 to March 4, 2024. The primary objective of the exhibit is to heighten awareness of environmental issues and instigate change through the artistic practice of upcycling.

SustainArt showcases a collection of artworks created using upcycled materials, breathing new life into discarded objects and transforming them into stunning masterpieces. From sculptures and installations to acrylic paintings and mixed-media creations, each artwork emanates creativity while encouraging art enthusiasts to reflect on the importance of sustainable practices.

Two local artists have collaborated for this exhibit, led by Climate Change Commission Undersecretary Albert Dela Cruz, whose advocacy includes transforming discarded materials into captivating artworks. Another visual artist who lends her talent for this exhibit is nature-lover Retscel Varon-Raagas a.k.a. “Queenberry” – a self-taught painter whose works focus on the enchanted realms of the forest.

Art has the power to evoke change and inspire new perspectives. By showcasing these art pieces, both artists hope to inspire others to reimagine the potential of everyday objects and consider the impact it has on the environment.

The Manila Hotel is honored to host SustainArt, aligning its commitment to sustainability and supporting the local arts community. The Manila Hotel’s Art Gallery provides the perfect backdrop, amplifying the impact of each artwork and creating an immersive experience for art enthusiasts and environmentally-conscious individuals alike.

SustainArt is on display at the Art Gallery from February 14 to March 4, 2024. Admission is free. For more information, please call +632 8527 0011 or +632 5301 5500, email [email protected] or visit