Lego Amorsolo at The Manila Hotel is extended!

See Fernando Amorsolo’s works in a new light as they convert into LEGO brick mosaic art renditions at the PinoyLUG x Project Amorsolo art exhibit, which runs from November 29, 2022 to January 31, 2023 at The Manila Hotel’s Art Gallery (near Fiesta Pavilion).

The Pinoy LEGO Users Group (PinoyLUG), a community of devoted Filipino Lego builders and enthusiasts, has collaborated with the Fernando C. Amorsolo Art Foundation Inc. to preserve and promote the works of the Grand Old Man of Philippine Art to a wider audience. Three of the Master’s most famous works would be transformed into Lego brick mosaic art by a PinoyLUG team. The completed works were recreations of several of Amorsolo’s most famous works, including “Bayanihan,” “Dalagang Bukid,” and “Early Traders,” which were specifically picked and assembled by PinoyLUG members during the pandemic because the concepts of these pieces coincide with LEGO’s aim of fostering communities. This project was truly a labor of love due to the scarcity of shapes and colors of Lego bricks that could match those on the paintings, many of which had to be ordered from various sources abroad.

“Through the legacy of art that speaks of our history, patriotism, and cultural pride, we are continuing to bridge the past with the present,” Mr. Leslie Araujo remarked. “And we’re having a good time doing it. Years from now, our children and those who come after them will have accomplished far more than we have. That is the legacy PinoyLUG wants to leave to our Lego family,” Mr. Araujo said.

The three masterpieces by Amorsolo will be on display at Art Gallery by The Manila Hotel until January 31, 2023. Giving Lego enthusiasts and admirers of Philippine art and bricks to appreciate the three masterpieces recreated in Lego.