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Cake of the Month: Lemon Almond Raspberry Cake

Who doesn’t love cake? Seriously, we all do. We’ve all had our share of great cakes. But if you want to spice things up and make someone feel extra special, try our cake of the month for the month of August, Lemon Almond Raspberry Cake!

Imagine our gorgeous lemon almond raspberry cake made with lemon zest, fresh raspberries, and luscious lemon raspberry frosting with chocolate pretzel. The divine combination of raspberries and almonds together with lemon and fruits makes up this lovely fruity cake.

A moist, light, and just right sweet almond raspberry and lemon cake. Maybe it is the scent of lemon, or the almond – quintessential in European cuisine. Perfect as a dessert or event cake with its bright splashes of crimson red from the raspberries scattered amongst the vibrant sunny-hued cake. Available for the entire month of August for P1,300 from the Delicatessen or from our M Takeout (Cake Creations section).