ANNOUNCEMENT: Alternative Mobile Numbers to reach The Manila Hotel

To our valued guests, please note these mobile numbers for any department you need to reach or service you need to request. Thank you.

From 7am to 5pm daily
M Takeout (pick-up or delivery)

From 8am to 6pm
Events: 0998-9511912 (daily)
Room Reservations:0998-9581912 (daily)
Room Sales:0998-5951912 (Monday-Friday)

From 10AM to 6PM daily
Prestige: 0939-9341912

24 hours daily
Duty manager:0998-9721912
Operator: 0998-9501912
Room Service: 6am to 6pm only
Housekeeping: 7am to 10pm only

TRUNKLINE HOURS (until further notice)
6am to 2am, the following day, system upgrade from 2am to 6am.

We look forward to serving you. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @TheManilaHotel for updates and announcements.