Mabuhay Meals

Maraming Salamat Po

When the ECQ began, we started the initiative to donate food to those that needed it. The undertaking proved to be so huge that we also called out to our friends for support.. The Rotary Club of Makati Central was the first to heed the call, and with their help, our crew have already sent out over 10,000 meals—and counting—to our frontliners through the “Beat COVID-19 Initiative.” Thank you, RCMC.

Be Our Partner, Too

Call 8527 0011 or SMS/Viber 0998 950 1912. Help us ensure the health or well-being of our frontliners. We have launched the Mabuhay Meals Food Drive for Frontliners to ensure they are strong and healthy during these crucial times. Whether you are an individual, a group, or an organization, there may be more who are looking for ways to help. Together, we can get through this.


We implement a strict procedure every pick-up or turnover of the packed meals to ensure the meals go to the intended recipients.The representative accepting the donations signs an acknowledgment form and we take a photo of their ID. We do full accounting of how many meals have been sent out at the end of each day, and give a status report to donors at an appropriate time.

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