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We are getting ready for the Mooncake Festival! The Mooncake Festival, which falls on October 1 this year and is also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival, is a big day for most Filipino-Chinese in the Philippines. The celebration symbolizes the family reunion, with the full moon a symbol of prosperity for the family, and the round mooncakes complementing the harvest moon.

Red bean paste (红豆沙 hongdousha) mooncakes are filled with a rich, thick, red bean paste, and tastes sweet and smooth. It goes perfectly well with a cup of tea. Other Mooncake Flavors to choose from include: Single Yolk Red Bean Paste, Black Sesame, Single Yolk Pure White Lotus Seed Pasta and Hineyed Assorted Nuts.

Avail of the 30% discount on our special, hand-crafted mooncakes in time for the Mooncake Festival. This pre-order period until Aug. 31, 2020 will give you a great deal off our regular price of P288 nett per piece, or P1,088 nett for a box of 4.

Give your loved ones a gift that symbolizes family and unity. Call us at 85270011 or 09989501912.