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Enjoy your favorite Café Ilang-Ilang dishes at home; be part of the Mabuhay Meals for Frontliners food drive

The “new normal” has taught us that minimizing contact with other people is a must, but on days when you’d like some semblance of normalcy—or want to treat yourself to something other than what you can scrape together in your kitchen—The Manila Hotel’s Café Ilang-Ilang now has a Take-Out service that can answer your needs.

Prepared under medical-grade sanitary conditions to ensure food safety and customer welfare, The Manila Hotel’s Café Ilang-Ilang takes you on a gustatory adventure highlighted by some of the world’s best flavors in its diverse a la carte and home buffet (ideal for 4-5 persons) options you can enjoy in the comfort and safety of your home. They are also available in Solo Meal sets perfect for office workers, and for taking home to the family. Enjoy everything from Filipino favorites; Japanese, Korean, and Chinese delights; classic Italian; and even Halal food options—Café Ilang Ilang being one of the few Halal-certified restaurants (with its own Halal kitchen) in the metro.

The best part about enjoying your favorite Manila Hotel dishes at home is not just in the assurance of cleanliness and safety of the prepared food, but the fact that with every order from the hotel’s Take Out/Delivery service, you also become a partner in providing delicious and healthy meals to healthcare workers as the hotel turns over 5% of your A La Carte or Home Buffet bill to its MABUHAY MEALS Food Drive for Frontliners to deliver food to PGH frontliners and other government-run public hospitals.

Here’s what you can enjoy:


The Manila Hotel’s Café Ilang-Ilang offers classic Filipino bestsellers a la carte or home buffet-style like lumpiang ubod, sinigang na salmon, bistek tagalog, grilled tanigue steak, pinakbet, kare-kare, and crispy pata that you can pair with the manggang hilaw, singkamas and bagoong trio. And don’t forget the mango graham float or Filipino fruit salad as dessert.


If hankerings for Japanese food strikes, you can choose from two Japanese Oishii Desu set meals. Our no frills, topnotch quality Japanese food features mouthwatering maki sushi, miso soup, pork tonkatsu, chicken karaage, teppanyaki and Japanese fried rice.


The craze with Korean restaurants has been rampant around the metro. Café Ilang-Ilang’s Korean Mashisoyo Home Buffet Meal is another one to add to your ‘Must-try ’list. With two sets to choose from, try the green onion pajeon, jae yook bokeum (stir fried pork belly), chapchae glass noodles, seaweed soup with mussels, odeng, bulgogi, knog pong saewoo (stir-fried sweet and spicy prawns) and Korean rice.


Chopsticks ready! We can never get enough of dim sum, fried rice, noodles, and all that sweet and savory offerings. Café Ilang-Ilang offers Chinese Treasures Home Buffet meals in two family sets with dishes like sweet corn soup, streamed pork and chicken or crystal shrimp dumplings, braised beef brisket, honey glazed pork barbecue, deep fried chicken fillet with lemon sauce, Yeung Chow fried rice (named after Red Jade’s chef Raymond Yeung), and chilled almond jelly fruit cocktail.


Italian cuisine is known for delectable food and amazing flavors. The Manila Hotel’s Café Ilang Ilang has a great Italian kitchen that now offers Cucina Italiana Home Buffet meal in three family sets that include classic dishes like risotto balls, tiramisu, pizza, caprese salad, aglio olio pasta, cartoccio, and so much more. Choose from three family sets and enjoy with everyone at home.


For restaurants to be considered halal, they must follow the Koranic instructions on food handling, cleaning, and preparation, as well as which meat and cuts can be eaten. The Manila Hotel’s Café Ilang-Ilang offers traditional and Halal certified dishes in three family sets that include hummus, fatoush vegetable salad, fresh nan/roti breads, chicken tikka kebab, hamour hara and basmati rice.


Included in the menu are sets of dimsum from the hotel’s Red Jade restaurant menu; and Sous Vide Steaks that are easy to re-cook and serve at home.


A favorite among Café Ilang Ilang guests are the lechon and US Roast Beef Rib, which may now be ordered for the home. Roasts include whole Lechon (approx. 5-6 kg) and whole Turkey (approx. 9 kg); while other items like Honey-Glazed Bone-in Ham, US Roast Sirloin, and US Roas Beef Rib are available in 2kg minimum orders. Roasts need to be pre-ordered about 3-4 days in advance.


For various occasions, you may also order Cake Creations like the famous Mango Cheesecake, the awarded Ohaina Chocolate Gateau, Opera Cake, and Trio of Chocolate Mousse. Favorite items from The Delicatessen are also available for take-out/delivery like the classic Cheese Ensaymada, Almond Croissant, Hawaiian bread, and various savories, muffins, Danish pastries, cookies, and load breads. Even the favorite Classic Bibingka is available to take out!

Call 8527-0011 or SMS/Viber 09989501912. Full menu available on The Manila Hotel’s Facebook (Notes section) and Instagram accounts (@TheManilaHotel). Orders are for pick-up by customer, or book Grab Delivery or LalaMove. Metro Manila delivery may also be arranged for a separate fee and depending on location. The Manila Hotel’s Prestige members are also eligible to a 20% discount on most items in the menu (delivery fee not included).

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