42 Best Romantic Restaurants for an Intimate Valentine’s Date Without Leaving the Metro

Published last February 12, 2023, by Flowerpatchdelivery.com

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Are you feeling the love brewing around yet? Couples frequently go on dates to commemorate this particular day, almost as if it were required. Consider taking your dearly loved one out for a romantic supper if you’re making preparations to impress her. The classic go-to date notion of having special occasions in a romantic restaurant never seems to get old.

The Manila Hotel is happy to know that our most romantic room–The Champagne Room tops the list according to Flowerpatchdelivery.com. Read details below on what they have to say about our fine-dining restaurant, The Champagne Room:

Most Romantic Restaurants in Manila

1. Champagne Room

Offering one of the finest dining experiences in Manila, the Champagne Room is a must-include in your top choices when aiming for a lavish Valentine’s date night. A peek inside can already leave an awe-striking atmosphere with its grand and classic set-up filled with tasseled ceiling fixtures, elegant cushions, and crystal palm trees. This romantic restaurant in Manila also carries a reputation for providing impeccable service to its guests, making you and your partner feel like modern-day royalties. 

But aside from its stunning interior design and impressive customer service, one of the reasons why Manila Hotel’s Champagne Room is worth the try is its excellent menu, which includes a bountiful wine selection. Celebrate Valentine’s Day and enjoy an elegant meal and a glass of wine as the pianist and violinist play in the background, accentuating the romantic vibes even more.

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