Home Buffet

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  • Chinese Set A


    Sweet corn soup, fish maw, fried pork & chicken dumplings (5 pcs), steamed crystal shrimp (5 pcs), sweet & sour pork, braised beef brisket, five spices braised e-fu noodles in oyster sauce, pan fried red bean paste cake

  • Chinese Set B


    Steamed shrimp & pork siomai 5 pcs), deep-fried radish cake xo sauce (5 pcs), hot & sour soup with assorted seafood, honey-glazed pork barbecue, deep fried chicken fillet with lemon sauce, Yeung chow fried rice, chilled almond jelly fruit cocktail

  • Filipino Set A


    Lumpia ubod, sinigang na salmon, bistek tagalog, grilled tanigue steak, pinakbet

  • Filipino Set B


    Manggang hilaw, singkamas at bagoong, binakol na manok, crispy pata, kare-kare, pancit malabon, steamed or garlic rice, mango graham float

  • Halal Set A


    Chick peas hummus, fatoush vegetable salad, fresh nan and roti, fried vegetable spring rolls, mixed vegetable pakora, stir-fried vegetable sabzi, yellow dhal, basmati rice

  • Halal Set B


    Chick peas hummus, Babaganoush eggplant salad, roti and nan bread, vegetable samosa, chicken tikka kebab, hamour hara (lapu-lapu), aloo gobi (potato and caluliflower),

  • Halal Set C Ramadan Special


    Dried dates & mango juice (1 L), chick peas hummus/fatoush mixed salad, roti and nan bread/vegetable biryani, fried vegetable samosa, tandoori chicken breast, lamb rogan

  • Italian Set A


    Mixed garden salad, fried risotto balls w/mozzarella, baked meat lasagna, pizza (Pepperoni, Hawaiaan or Manila Hotel Signature Pizza), Tiramisu

  • Italian Set B


    Bruschetta tomato and chicken liver, ensalada caprese (tomato, mozzarella, olives, basil), linguini al pesto or aglio olio, fish al cartoccio (grouper fillet steamed), biscotti with nuts 4 pcs)

  • Italian Set C


    Parma ham, mortadella, salami Italian bread, penne pasta bolognese, osso buco, risotto with mushroom, panna cotta with berry sauce

  • Japanese Set A


    Edamame, 16 pcs maki sushi, miso soup, pork tonkatsu, chicken teppanyaki, japanese fried rice

  • Japanese Set B


    Maki sushi (16 pcs), miso soup, chicken karaage, teppanyaki beef striploin, teppanyaki mixed vegetables, japanese fried rice