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Summer Delights
Apr 2, 2012


This summer, cool down at Manila Hotel with the most refreshing treats for the entire family. Sink your teeth to Manila Hotel’s Ice Cream Collection, six signature ice cream all made using the finest ingredients and freshest fruits to give you a unique taste of the tropics. The collection includes Manila Hotel Fruit Gelato Sampler of red cherry, passion fruit, and mango and Coupe Romanoff made of house-made vanilla strawberry gelato topped with fresh strawberries, and melba sauce; and Bozo which is made of bubble gum ice cream on top of chocolate chip cookies specially created for the kids.


Beat the summer heat with these refreshing coolers Guinomis and Sago Con Mocha. Guinomis is a sweet and cool mix of tapioca pearls doused with coconut cream, milk, sugar syrup and topped with crushed iced. Coffee lovers will delight in Sago Con Mocha made of thick and delicious mocha frappe with coffee jelly and sago.


Mango Sundae

Macapuno and Mango Ice Cream with Tamarind Syrup and Mango Salad


Manila Hotel Gelato Sampler

Chocolate Ferrero, Hazelnut, Pistachio


Manila Hotel Fruit Gelato Sampler

Red Cherry, Passion Fruit, Mango


Tropical Banana Split

Banana Flambe with Macapuno, Ube and Mango Ice Cream In Pineapple Coconut Cream Sauce and Tamarind Syrup


Coupe Romanoff

House made Vanilla Strawberry Gelato Topped with Fresh Strawberries and Melba Sauce



Bubble Gum Ice Cream on Chocolate Chips Cookie



Tapioca Pearls, Gulaman, Coconut Cream, Milk, Sugar Syrup and Crushed Ice, Sprinkled with Toasted Pinipig


Sago Con Mocha

Coffee Jelly and Sago in Mocha Frappe


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